Unfinished projects

Big freighter jet

sketch of the plane

This should have been a really futuristic cargo plane. Fictional of course. What it became is another mark of my inability to go beyond geometry with 3D editing. Ah well, perhaps one day…

view of the 3D model

(Clickable pictures lead to even bigger pictures)

Propeller "Jumbo"

And this one here is another attempt with similar fate.

Interestingly enough, there is a real (though never produced beyond prototype) model behind this. Check out the XC-99 plane on Goletta Air and Space Museum website. Planned capacity 400 paratroopers… how many passengers would that make? And it's a doubledecker. All that in 1947.

view of the 3D model


Simutrans really lacks small ships, so I tried my hand at these as well…

This one is very loosely based on MV Hoy Head - learn more about it on:

view of the 3D model

view of the 3D model

General cargo vessel

And here some bigger fish…

view of the 3D model