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Before painting anything, I try to get acquainted with the object as much as possible. The reasoning behind is quite simple: If you can draw it from memory a few times over and it still looks the same - and resembles what you wanted - you are finally ready to start doodling on computer.

Over the six or more years of playing Simutrans and working on it, preceded by a brief but truly fateful encounter with Transport Tycoon and TTDPatch, I gathered a huge pile of these practice sketches. Needless to say, most of the ideas never made it off paper.

A few months back I started an attempt to restore order in my room, starting with papers. I guess you have already experienced such horror, so why bother with details. And while sorting the papers, suddenly some of these sketches appeared. Then i decided to search for them systematically and found at least half of them, and here they are now. What a pity some of my best pieces were on the back of CAE answer sheet and went to Cambridge…

I added here even things unrelated to Simutrans, because, well, why not. Anyway - enjoy! And practice :P


None of these survived the planning stage. The only track vehicle I ever made was the old version of Garatt, and there are no sketches of it.

Some train from TTD, perhaps? Two mail carriages… Fast electric locomotive Flatbed car Heavy train locomotive with two units Diesel. I drew this to get a better idea of shape of the Bennhardt locos in 128. Small Mallett Hopper Double decker cars, the kind which can still be seen in some peripheral regions around here BR 05 - enough said!

Tatra 138/148

138 - flat bed 138 - concrete mixer 138 - tipping; almost true to reality

Tatra 801 (fictional)

Originally no name, but somebody upstream decided it must be Tatra since I draw only these. I have lots of this one, because it is going to get a repaint.

Tatra 815

Actually I must have lost most of the sketches for 815, there were so many more!

815 as concrete mixer T 815 - somewhere in between good and bad 815 with low cabin as crane

Other trucks

Avia and others.

813 dragging a mysterious block - maybe for the pyramids? I think this was one of the attempts at Tatra 141 Some van - a few years ago 128 had nothing to move mail on road And here again Avia and Tatra 815; err… not to scale :-) Avia again, a bit better And here far worse TTD has breakdowns. Simutrans does not. Tractor with trailer. My mom never forgot to add one of those to any picture of rural life; In a way, I was 'indoctrinated' years before seeing a computer, let alone Simutrans. Old box truck Once more


City houses, stations and whatnot.

I thought about this house literally for years. I knew exactly how it was going to look - but never painted it. I suck at buildings. Only when 32 appeared I tried. Truck depot Fluid facility for station No idea what these were meant to be. The same house, and a two station extensions. Warehouse with portal crane …? Sketchdump for pak32

A few airports. The first two are from TTD, the next two below are new. I believe OpenTTD has one design similar to the last one. Great minds think alike… and it's just a modernized version of small.

Other - Aircraft

I guess here I start sliding slowly away from the Simurans theme. Anyway, why oh why is it so hard to find some design that screams "future" and does not look as idiotic as a fying saucer?

Some futuristic flying thing Coleman Count from TTD. This sketch must be ancient. Helicopter - I thought it could be part of some building, maybe… Ever hated the Concorde breakdowns in TTD? …on the right should be Apache and on the left - maybe a Hornet? Biplane - front view Biplane - side view Biplane - from above Maybe F-15

If I remember correctly, the biplane was based on what (little) I remember about Sopwith Camel.


How would Simutrans look if ships were actually as big as they are in reality? Zeno made one such ship, so behold the answer:

Four tiles Or better fourteen!

Emma Maersk looming over some hopeless village

And that's all…

Still lusting for more? I have some of the sketches as old photos from mobile phone.